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#TelfordHour Connecting with Telford Businesses Online

If you’re a Telford based business there’s a good chance that you’d like to connect with other Telford businesses.  This is often easier said than done.  Even the most argent networker will struggle to meet more than two or three new businesses a week out of the hundreds of businesses in the Telford area.  What’s needed is a forum, one where you can introduce yourself to all those businesses at once.  Luckily for us such a forum exists right there on Twitter.

Twitter is much misunderstood.  Maligned by many business owners for being too time consuming or just flat-out pointless, it’s often difficult to convince people just how powerful Twitter can be.  One of the best innovations introduced by Twitter is the concept of the hashtag, allowing millions of people to follow and join in on the same conversation at once.

It didn’t take long or businesses to start using hashtags to their advantage.  By adding industry relevant hashtags to their posts or following those tags and watching out for conversations to jump on, smart businesses can target their specific market and keep abreast of all the chatter, inserting their message wherever they can.  However this can be very time consuming.  Unless you’re really on board and excited about it, and can spend the day crafting Tweets, you will struggle to keep it up.  This is where many businesses abandon Twitter and why the concept of a ‘power hour’ is really useful.

What is #TelfordHour and when is it?

A ‘power hour’ is just that: one hour every week dedicated to a certain topic.  As you might guess the #TelfordHour is all about Telford, specifically businesses who operate in the Telford area.  It runs every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm.  During that time, any tweet with the #TelfordHour hashtag will appear on the feed of all the businesses following along.  Because it’s only an hour, everyone watching will be far more focused, vastly increasing the chances of your tweets being seen by the right people.

What to put out there

Twitter demands a punchy message – it’s perfect to get your core message out there without waffling.  Remember you’re networking with potentially hundreds of other businesses in a really short time.  Photos are great, whether you’re selling a product o a service, showing people what you do is always better than simply telling them.  The key is to be prepared – get your message sorted and your pics in order and ready to go before the hour starts.

What to do next

Once the hour is over the next step is crucial: follow up.  Make a list of the businesses you’d like to talk to and make an introduction.  They already know who you are, so you already have a connection.  Turning that connection into actual business is what comes next.  How you do that is down to you, but the difficult bit is already done.

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