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Google Earth Pro is now free!

Google Earth lets you zoom around the planet, exploring towns, cities, even the inside of buildings.  Of course there are many business applications for this amazing resource and Google have just brought some of the most useful tools into the reach of even the smallest business.

Google Earth Pro is an upgraded account that gives users the functionality they need to turn the popular app into a professional business tool.  It allows you not only to view the entire world but to analyse it.

Here’s a list of the main features:

  • Distance, area and 3D measurements.  Google Earth Pro allows users to calculate distances, measure areas and radiuses, determine the heights of buildings and structures and measure lines-of-sight.
  • Print Hi-res images.  The Pro account allows users to print hi-res (4800x3200px) images offering greater detail for use in professional applications.
  • Import and map batch data.  With a Pro account users can quickly map thousands of addresses and large GIS datasets.

There are many other benefits to the Pro account including the ability to create custom movies to share with clients and customers, a feature which could be of use to many businesses.

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